Monday, August 28, 2006

UFC 62 Liddell v.s. Sobral

Well as was expected Liddell retained his title. Although who would have thought it would end so soon. Looks like the mistake that Babalu make was pursuing Chuck. Normaly forward pressure in a fight can be a good thing, especially in the judges eyes. But when you are in there with the best counter striker in the business you may want to pick another strategy. Maybe it was because in there first fight Chuck actualy pushed the pace and caught Babalu retreating. So Babalu thought he would change up the game plan. Or maybe he felt like he had to get into a clinch and take it to the ground fast. Well whatever game plan he had invisioned stepping in the ring was quickly replaced by a Liddell upercut followed by a splitting headache.

Tuf 4 episode 2

In this episode you begin to see a huge split in the way the two teams train. Team Mojo under the guidance of Matt Serra is doing some really intense workouts. Team No Love on the other hand is taking it much easier. One of the days they just sat around the gym doing nothing. Then the cut to GSP saying that he thinks some of the cast members are lazy! That was great.
The match up for this episode was Edwin Dewees and Gideon Ray. Team Mojo was the one to make the pick and it was obvious that they were looking to match up the two due to Dewees great submission game and Gidieon Ray's lack there of.
Well the fight was a blood bath! Everything went according to the plan of team Mojo. Dewees was able to take Ray down through out the fight and work his game from there. But there was one eception Dewees was cut bad while they were on the ground. The elbow that did the damage looked innocent enough but Ray must sharpen those things. Dewees was bleeding all over the place. It was one of the bloodiest fights I had ever seen. While Dewees was on top he was using one hand to hit Ray and the other hand to hold his head to try to stop the blood from pouring out. Luckily the blood was not affecting his vision so the fight was not stopped. It ended up going 3 rounds with the decision in favor of Dewees.

Friday, August 25, 2006

TUF4 Episode 1

This episode was full of laughs. Mainly due to the antics of Shonie Carter, and the lively personality of Matt Serra.
The fight for this show was Shonie Carter vs Rich Clementi. The fight was actually pretty good. It went 2 rounds with carter winning the decision. Serra was in Carter's corner and did a very, very good job of coaching him. Shonie was the body Serra was the brain.

This might just be me but I was really looking forward to seeing more of the coaches. Randy Couture and GSP got very little airtime due to the fighters putting there own workouts together this season. I hope that will change in the up coming episodes.


Well the new season of The Ultimate Fighter is off and running. This season the show will cast 16 fighters that have all been in the UFC and fallen out for one reason or another. The title "the come back" explains it all.

The Fighters and there teams.

Team No Love
Middleweights: Travis Lutter, Charles McCarthy, Gideon Ray, Jorge Rivera
Welterweights: Rich Clementi, Mickey Burnett, Jeremy Jackson, Pete Spratt
Team Mojo
Middleweights: Pete Sell, Scott Smith, Patrick Cote, Edwin Dewees
Welterweights: Shonie Carter , Chris Lytle, Matt Serra, Din Thomas.


Randy Couture, UFC Hall of Famer
Georges St. Pierre, UFC welterweight contender
Marc Laimon, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach
Mark Dellagrotte, Muay Thai/kickboxing coach


This is the first entry in the MMA info blog. You will find here info about fighters, and fights. You will find predictions about upcoming fights and reviews of the latest ones. You can also find product reviews for MMA gear. If it is about mma I plan to put it here.