Monday, August 28, 2006

Tuf 4 episode 2

In this episode you begin to see a huge split in the way the two teams train. Team Mojo under the guidance of Matt Serra is doing some really intense workouts. Team No Love on the other hand is taking it much easier. One of the days they just sat around the gym doing nothing. Then the cut to GSP saying that he thinks some of the cast members are lazy! That was great.
The match up for this episode was Edwin Dewees and Gideon Ray. Team Mojo was the one to make the pick and it was obvious that they were looking to match up the two due to Dewees great submission game and Gidieon Ray's lack there of.
Well the fight was a blood bath! Everything went according to the plan of team Mojo. Dewees was able to take Ray down through out the fight and work his game from there. But there was one eception Dewees was cut bad while they were on the ground. The elbow that did the damage looked innocent enough but Ray must sharpen those things. Dewees was bleeding all over the place. It was one of the bloodiest fights I had ever seen. While Dewees was on top he was using one hand to hit Ray and the other hand to hold his head to try to stop the blood from pouring out. Luckily the blood was not affecting his vision so the fight was not stopped. It ended up going 3 rounds with the decision in favor of Dewees.

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