Saturday, December 16, 2006

Josh Koscheck - Is their a welterweight who can stop his takedowns?

Josh Koscheck continues to amaze me with his wrestling ability. He has demonstrated some of the most dynamic and unstoppable take downs that have ever been seen in the octagon.

All this is not as shocking if you take a little peek into his bio. He is a very, very decorated wrestler. Some of his achievements include being a four time Division I All American, 2001 NCAA Division I national champion and going on a 42 win 0 loss streak in 2001.

So my question is, who will be able to stuff his take downs? I would really like to see him go up against BJ Penn or St. Peirre. Two fighters who have some of the sickest take down defense I have ever seen. In fact what BJ does borders on the supernatural. But could they stop someone with that much wrestling experience?

Only time will tell, because as of right now, it does not look like Kos will cross paths with either of these fighter any time soon.

UFC Fight Night 8 - Sanchez K.O.s Riggs

I have to say I was in complete disbelief when I say Diego Sanchez KO Joe Riggs. His stand up has improved quite a bit since the time he was on the TUF 1 but I still did not think he would drop Riggs. I simply thought that Riggs was to skillful of a striker and much to big of a fighter for Diego to stand with. But I was proven wrong when Sanchez delivered a powerful right hook to the head of Joe Riggs and knocked him right on his butt. Although knocked down, this was not the blow that finished Riggs. In fact it did not look like he was the hurt. The force of the blow knocked him off balance and onto the canvas, it was not a flash knockout or anything like that. So as soon as he was down, he was jumping back up and going for a double leg as Diego came in. That is when "Nightmare" raised his knee into the jaw of the "Diesel". With that shot, Riggs was out like a light. A few more unanswered shots to the head of Riggs and the fight was stopped by the ref.

What does this mean for the future of Diego Sanchez? Well you know what is in every ones mind. Title Shot. Is he ready for GSP? Will he get a title shot soon? We all anxiously wait to see what will be next for this exciting young fighter

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Funny Pics in Sherdog Thread

This is one of the funniest threads I have ever seen in the Sherdog forum. The pictures are not funny by themselves but with the witty captions that have been added under them, you will be cracking up. This is a must visit Link.


GSP vs Hughes III

The date for the 3rd match between these two fantastic fighters is set for April 7 in Montreal. The fight win be for the UFC welterweight title as long as St. Pierre gets past Matt Serra. Something that I believe he will be able to do.

I think this fight will be different than the last fight. Matt Hughes is bound to go back and rethink his strategy. It was not a smart move to try and stand with GSP. St. Pierre is far to good of a kickboxer. I think he will be more persistent with take down attempts. With that being said, I still have to favor St. Pierre. I look at it this way. Matt may have a slight advantage as far as strength and grappling ability goes but it is only a slight one. GSP is very close to him in those aspects. But it is the striking that is the real difference. There is such a discrepancy between their skills in that department, that I think that it will make the difference for GSP in this bout.

Regardless of the outcome, I am sure this one will be great.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Highlight Of Funny MMA Moments

This is without a doubt one of the funniest MMA videos out there. You will see the crazy antics of Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett, the strange sound effects of Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Phil Baroni saying he is the best -never heard that before- and much more. It even includes the famous fall off the ropes that Mark Colman performed after winning the PRIDE Grand Prix in 2000.


Sherdog - FAQ - Great Answers!

Sherdog has a post in their forum that is a absolute must read. It was originally posted by the senior (Does that mean he's old?) moderator - "Drastic Man" back in 2005. Although it is an old post, it has been updated recently - 11-08-2006. It is below the rules section on this page.

Unfortunately the post links to many other sherdog threads that have been deleted and to a website - mmareview - that is no longer around. This causes a little bit of frustration. But the pain of a broken link is more than made up for by the exhaustive list of FAQ's that any MMA fan would love. Some great unknown facts are hidden within this post.

Big thanks to the contributors of that post.

Monday, December 04, 2006

UFC 66 - Liddell vs. Ortiz 2 Fight Card

The Offical Fight Card is in for the next UFC. The card includes the long awaited return of Andrei Arlovski. Also the first fight of Michael Bisping after his victory in the TUF 3 finals.
The main event Chuck vs Tito 2 is one that we have all been waiting for.

Here is the line up...

UFC 66 "Liddell vs. Ortiz 2" Official Fight Card for December 30th

-Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz (For The UFC LHW Title)

-Forrest Griffin vs Keith Jardine

-Andrei Arlovski vs Marcio Cruz

-Chris Leben vs Jason MacDonald

-Michael Bisping vs Eric Schafer

-Thiago Alves vs Tony DeSouza

-Gabriel Gonzaga vs Carmelo Marrero

-Yushin Okami vs Rory Singer

-Anthony Perosh vs Christian Wellisch

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Roger Gracie - Welcome to MMA

Another Gracie has just stepped into the MMA ring. With his victory over Ron Waterman at Bodog Fight - USA VS Russia, Roger Gracie becomes the next in a long line of family members to show their Ju Jitsu skill to the MMA world. Many believe the young Gracie to be one of the best, if not the best, grapplers in the world. So it may come as no suprise that his victory over Waterman was by arm bar.

Here is a highlight video of Gracie that gives you an idea of why people in the grappling world hold him in such high esteem.

Monday, November 27, 2006

GSP - Hughes Highlight Video

This video chronicles the fights of Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre. It starts a couple fights before their first match and ends with the GSP - Hughes II.

Monday, August 28, 2006

UFC 62 Liddell v.s. Sobral

Well as was expected Liddell retained his title. Although who would have thought it would end so soon. Looks like the mistake that Babalu make was pursuing Chuck. Normaly forward pressure in a fight can be a good thing, especially in the judges eyes. But when you are in there with the best counter striker in the business you may want to pick another strategy. Maybe it was because in there first fight Chuck actualy pushed the pace and caught Babalu retreating. So Babalu thought he would change up the game plan. Or maybe he felt like he had to get into a clinch and take it to the ground fast. Well whatever game plan he had invisioned stepping in the ring was quickly replaced by a Liddell upercut followed by a splitting headache.

Tuf 4 episode 2

In this episode you begin to see a huge split in the way the two teams train. Team Mojo under the guidance of Matt Serra is doing some really intense workouts. Team No Love on the other hand is taking it much easier. One of the days they just sat around the gym doing nothing. Then the cut to GSP saying that he thinks some of the cast members are lazy! That was great.
The match up for this episode was Edwin Dewees and Gideon Ray. Team Mojo was the one to make the pick and it was obvious that they were looking to match up the two due to Dewees great submission game and Gidieon Ray's lack there of.
Well the fight was a blood bath! Everything went according to the plan of team Mojo. Dewees was able to take Ray down through out the fight and work his game from there. But there was one eception Dewees was cut bad while they were on the ground. The elbow that did the damage looked innocent enough but Ray must sharpen those things. Dewees was bleeding all over the place. It was one of the bloodiest fights I had ever seen. While Dewees was on top he was using one hand to hit Ray and the other hand to hold his head to try to stop the blood from pouring out. Luckily the blood was not affecting his vision so the fight was not stopped. It ended up going 3 rounds with the decision in favor of Dewees.