Saturday, December 16, 2006

UFC Fight Night 8 - Sanchez K.O.s Riggs

I have to say I was in complete disbelief when I say Diego Sanchez KO Joe Riggs. His stand up has improved quite a bit since the time he was on the TUF 1 but I still did not think he would drop Riggs. I simply thought that Riggs was to skillful of a striker and much to big of a fighter for Diego to stand with. But I was proven wrong when Sanchez delivered a powerful right hook to the head of Joe Riggs and knocked him right on his butt. Although knocked down, this was not the blow that finished Riggs. In fact it did not look like he was the hurt. The force of the blow knocked him off balance and onto the canvas, it was not a flash knockout or anything like that. So as soon as he was down, he was jumping back up and going for a double leg as Diego came in. That is when "Nightmare" raised his knee into the jaw of the "Diesel". With that shot, Riggs was out like a light. A few more unanswered shots to the head of Riggs and the fight was stopped by the ref.

What does this mean for the future of Diego Sanchez? Well you know what is in every ones mind. Title Shot. Is he ready for GSP? Will he get a title shot soon? We all anxiously wait to see what will be next for this exciting young fighter

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