Saturday, December 16, 2006

Josh Koscheck - Is their a welterweight who can stop his takedowns?

Josh Koscheck continues to amaze me with his wrestling ability. He has demonstrated some of the most dynamic and unstoppable take downs that have ever been seen in the octagon.

All this is not as shocking if you take a little peek into his bio. He is a very, very decorated wrestler. Some of his achievements include being a four time Division I All American, 2001 NCAA Division I national champion and going on a 42 win 0 loss streak in 2001.

So my question is, who will be able to stuff his take downs? I would really like to see him go up against BJ Penn or St. Peirre. Two fighters who have some of the sickest take down defense I have ever seen. In fact what BJ does borders on the supernatural. But could they stop someone with that much wrestling experience?

Only time will tell, because as of right now, it does not look like Kos will cross paths with either of these fighter any time soon.

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Steve said...

Im just happy diago lost, he is skilled i guess but i dont like him.